In a recent USA Today article, the writer suggested that many private colleges would be forced to closed due to their absorbent high tuition costs. This is due to consumers looking for more affordable solutions to complete their high school and college education.

The student loan debt in the US has surpassed credit card debt. College students are being crippled with big student loan debts that they cannot pay back. There is no option for not repaying student loans.  You cannot even file for bankruptcy with a student loan. The debt will follow you to the grave. A few years ago the Federal government took student loans away from the banks and today only the US Govt. is able to offer a student load and collect the interest. They in essence have a monopoly of the financial aid industry.

Students often find that repaying student loans are crippling. If you left college before you completed,  you have no degree and all of the debt to accompany your time in school. Back in the 1970s it used to be that a students could graduate from college with no student loans necessary.

Today, the cost of higher education is at an all time high. Students have been sold higher education that sometimes exceeds the costs of purchasing a home.

It is time to end the end the student loan debt crisis. It is time that students can afford to go to college without a hundred thousand dollars in debt. One college charges almost $ 75,000 for a BS degree in law enforcement. How can a police officer with a family repay $ 75K plus interest on a policeman’s salary? This is senseless.

It is time that colleges become affordable again and stop taking advantage of consumers seeking a college degree. One such college leading the way, Excel College, offers an online business degree at the Associate, Bachelor and MBA level and they have defined affordable college.  Their associate program is $ 2500, their bachelor program is $ 4800 and their MBA program is $ 3000. Students can actually make small monthly payments to the college and complete their degree debt free.  In a time when private colleges are raising tuition and taking advantage of FAFSA and leaving students with an overpriced degree, Excel College is bridging the gap and helping to solve the program.

Further, for students seeking an accredited high school online course or diploma, Excel High School offers affordable, accredited online high school programs.

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